Galia Ackerman

Journalist, essayist, blogger. Born in Moscow, she has lived in France since 1984.

Leila Alieva

Dr. Leila Alieva is an affiliate of Russian and East European Studies, Oxford University School for Global and Area Studies…

Dmitri Borko

Photoreporter for the Russian press, AFP, major European newspapers…

Jean-François Di Meglio

President of the Asia Centre for Expertise and Research which he helped found in 2005 and has directed since 2009.

Natalia Kanevsky

Born in Sevastopol, she built her career in Israel and France, as a journalist and translator.

Vincent Laloy

Vincent Laloy is an essayist, member of the editorial board of Commentary, former public servant and local elected official.

Karen Mazmanian

Former student of the Ecole Normale Supérieure, graduate of ESCP, Sciences Po and EHESS, currently teacher and entrepreneur.

Marie Mendras

Dr. Marie Mendras is a professor at Sciences Po and a research fellow with the CNRS in Paris.

Loïc Millot

Loïc Millot holds a PhD in film studies and is the author of a thesis on the work of Pier Paolo Pasolini and Andrei Tarkovsky.

Jean-Sylvestre Mongrenier

Professor of History and Geography and researcher at the French Institute of Geopolitics (University of Paris VIII).

Patrick Moreau

Philosopher, historian, political scientist, CNRS researcher, Patrick Moreau lives in Germany.

Alexander Podrabinek

Alexander Podrabinek is a Russian freelance journalist and former Soviet political prisoner.

David Satter

David Satter is a Russia scholar and the author of five books on Russia…

Anton Shekhovtsov

Anton Shekhovtsov is Director of the Centre for Democratic Integrity (Austria)…

Ève Sorin

Ève Sorin is a Slavic scholar with degrees in Russian and Czech, as well as in modern literature.

Zoya Svetova

Zoya Svetova is a journalist and a columnist for MBKhMedia

Alice Syrakvash

Studied culturology at EHU (European Humanities University) in Minsk.

Nicolas Tenzer

Analyst of international and security issues, former head of department at the Commissariat Général du Plan…

Cécile Vaissié

Political scientist, historian, slavist, Professor at the University of Rennes II…

Andreï Zoubov

Russian Historian specialising in the philosophy of history, religious ideas and Russian history.