Sowing chaos

The Russian president is known for his professional habit of disguising the truth, but he is sometimes surprisingly frank.

3 min read

Will there be a new war?

In the international community there is a growing talk of a new attack from Russia and Belarus on Ukraine.

2 min read

Strategy of the absurd

A lot of recent information about Russia can be disconcerting for a reasonable reader. It is absurd. It is incomprehensible.

6 min read

Zemmour or the fascination for Putin

For several weeks, Eric Zemmour has been at the forefront of the media scene. When it comes to East-West relations…

5 min read

Special operation “elections” in Russia. User guide

Thirty years after the failed putsch against Mikhail Gorbachev, and the victory of universal suffrage and people’s sovereignty, Vladimir Putin has launched a new SpetsOperatsia

8 min read

The Russian diaspora, a “battlefield”?

In his recent interview with Desk Russie, the academic Sergei Medvedev pointed out that “the Kremlin is actively working with emigration”

6 min read

Thirty years since the August coup

The August, 1991 Moscow coup was a desperate attempt to save the Soviet Union. When it collapsed, the will to preserve the socialist system disappeared and the Soviet Union…

8 min read

A Dr Strangelove in the Kremlin?

In his big election speech on March 1, 2018, to thunderous applause, Putin catalogs the new doomsday weapons Russia is working on.

14 min read

Russian-Soviet history: the march backwards

The new book of Françoise Thom, La marche à rebours. Regards sur l’histoire soviétique et russe, Sorbonne université presses, 2021…

15 min read

Resist the Homo putinoidus!

Desk Russie recently published an article about the lawyer Ivan Pavlov, who is currently the victim of judicial persecution.

5 min read

Russia: facing the Afghan wasp nest

“Among our enemies, the most to be feared are often the smallest,” said Lafontaine. Russia, which has strenuously worked for the advent of “multipolarity”…

10 min read

Putin’s Russia: a protean ideology

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Eurasianism among Russian political emigrants — a philosophical and political theory…

5 min read

A perspective on the Russian-Iranian alliance

In September 2015, when Russia intervened militarily in Syria in order to save the regime of Bashar Al-Assad, guarantor of its strategic “assets” in situ…

5 min read

Putin-Biden: a double-edged summit

In Geneva on June 16, the American and Russian presidents, each in their own way, acknowledged that they had agreed on nothing, except that they should seek to get along better.

6 min read

The senator and the fraud

On June 21, in the Senate, Senator Nathalie Goulet organized a “press briefing” with Vadim Rabinovich, a Ukrainian press magnate and leader of the pro-Russian party…

6 min read
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